3 May 2023 

It is with much sadness that we announce the permanent closure of Gannet Beach Adventures, the tractor-trailer tours to Cape Kidnappers.

This decision has been made with much deliberation and angst and comes after four very difficult and frustrating years.  In light of recent events, ongoing beach access issues and continued bureaucratic red tape, we have sadly come to the end of the road.

Our locally owned & operated, once viable and well-loved iconic tourism business deserved a better ending than this.  We took pride in operating a small local business that had overcome many obstacles over the years – some under the direction of founders Neil & Elizabeth Burden, and previous owners Rod Heaps & Dayna Hildreth – to reach a milestone of 70 years in operation.

Our safety record was top notch, and our use of vintage tractors was sustainable long before we all knew what that word meant.  We employed locals.  We gave an unforgettable and authentic ‘Kiwi’ experience to hundreds of thousands of tourists over many years – both domestic and international (many of whom rated our tour as the best thing they had done in New Zealand).  We kept our prices at an affordable level so that families could come and enjoy our experience, and we transported many generations of families.  We helped tired walkers with a ride home, tidal information or first aid.  We retrieved stuck vehicles for relieved locals.  We looked out for sick or injured gannets and other wildlife and took pride in caring for the rest shelter area at Cape Kidnappers.  We donated vouchers for school and community fund-raisers and offered discounted educational tours.  We were community minded and gave back where we could.

To past passengers, thank you for choosing our tour – we hope we imparted knowledge, entertained you and provided you with memories to cherish.

To our staff, past and present, we salute you – your driving skills, humour and local knowledge became legendary.  Thank you for always going above and beyond.

To those who traverse the beach in the future, however you travel – take care and be safe, it is a very different place without us.

A special thank you to those who have had our backs over the last few years – your support and kindness has not gone un-noticed and we are immensely grateful.


Colin & Kim Lindsay


Join us, in our 70th birthday year (1952-2022), and discover the magic of Cape Kidnappers/Te Kauwae-a-Māui – the ocean, the majestic cliffs and the glorious gannets.  Join our experienced guides and visit the largest mainland gannet colony in the world!

Our tour operates in an outdoor environment that is always changing, where there are inherent risks and where conditions can alter quickly.  The tour route can be subject to unpredictable slips, rockfalls, rough and rugged terrain and other naturally occurring hazards.  The recent QRA report (jointly commissioned by Hastings District Council and Dept. of Conservation) states the safest way to experience the beach route to Cape Kidnappers is with our organised tour to ‘take advantage of local knowledge and reduced exposure time’.


Come on a unique, fun eco-experience tour, in a beautiful and iconic part of the Hawke’s Bay region.

Our ‘one of a kind’ tour provides a 4-hour mild adventure, travelling along the majestically rugged coastline from Clifton to Cape Kidnappers, on vintage American tractors.  The Cape is not only home to four gannet colonies which bustle with the daily rituals of these amazing seabirds, but is one of the most geologically fascinating parts of our country.  The trip is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and our experienced guides have safely transported passengers and helped them enjoy this amazing area for 70 years.

During your time with us you will:

  • Spend time with and get incredibly close to the majestic gannets in their natural habitat;
  • Discover how nature has shaped and formed (and continues to!) the towering cliffs of the Cape Kidnappers coastline;
  • View ancient earthquake fault lines & fossils, and see gullies formed by wind and water;
  • Enjoy a memorable tour experience while travelling on our iconic vintage tractors.

A ride with Gannet Beach Adventures can be many things – a nice day beside the sea, an opportunity to view the amazing wildlife, or a trip back in time as told by the layers in the coastal cliffs.  Put them all together and it is a really special experience – come and see for yourself!

The adult gannets are back in full-force by the time we open each September, settling back in and preparing their nests.  We generally see the first chicks at the Black Reef colony, from mid to late November, and they will leave the colonies at around 15-16 weeks of age.  As the adults start to leave once their chick has fledged, bird numbers do get low during the latter part of our season (late March/April).

Gannet Beach Adventures

About the Tour.

Our unique and fun eco-experience will see you travel with our experienced local guides by vintage tractors and trailers on a comfortable 4-hour adventure discovering the wonders of the local coastline and heading out to the largest mainland gannet colony in the world! There’ll be lots of Wow! moments and some great pic’s to be taken. You won’t want to miss our exclusively ‘Kiwi’ adventure while you are in Hawke’s Bay.