24th October 2020 – DOC open walking track, tractor tours still on hold

DOC opened their walking track at the far end of the beach on Friday 23rd October, so public access is unrestricted up to the Plateau gannet colony once again.

Bookings for our tours are currently still on hold while we finalise a new safety audit on our activity, in line with the recent QRA report, and we hope this external audit will be completed soon.  Having an independently audited Safety Plan has always been an essential requirement for our business – not only to comply with our DOC concession, but for us to be satisfied that we run a safe and effective operation.

The safety of our passengers and staff has always been paramount, and we believe this is evident in the longevity of our business – GBA have safely transported passengers along this fascinating and ever-changing geological coastline for over 68 years.

We agree wholeheartedly with one of the conclusions from the QRA report that recommends people wishing to visit Cape Kidnappers along the beach route should ‘take advantage of the local knowledge, and reduced exposure time, by going on an organised tour’.  

We look forward to updating you soon with further developments.

Colin & Kim Lindsay – GBA


Discover the magic of Cape Kidnappers – the ocean, the majestic cliffs and the gannets. Join our experienced guides and visit the largest mainland gannet colony in the world!


Come on a unique, fun eco-experience tour, in sunny Hawke’s Bay. Our tour is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, with personalized service and guides who point out the natural and geological wonders of the area.

Our tour provides a 4-hour mild adventure, travelling along the majestically rugged coastline from Clifton to Cape Kidnappers and we are proud to have helped people enjoy this amazing area safely for over 68 years.

During the tour you will:

  • Spend time with and get incredibly close to the majestic gannets in their natural habitat;
  • Discover how nature has shaped and formed the towering cliffs of the Cape Kidnappers coastline;
  • View ancient earthquake fault lines & fossils, and see gullies formed by wind and water;
  • Enjoy a memorable tour experience while travelling on our iconic vintage tractors.

A ride with Gannet Beach Adventures can be many things – a nice day beside the sea, an opportunity to view the amazing wildlife, or a trip back in time as told by the layers in the coastal cliffs. Put them all together and it is a really special experience – come and see for yourself!

The adult gannets are all back in full-force by the time we open each September. The chicks start appearing from mid to late November, and they will leave the colonies at around 15-16 weeks of age. As the adults start to leave once their chick has fledged, bird numbers do get low during the latter part of our season (late March/April).

Gannet Beach Adventures

About the Tour.

Our unique and fun eco-experience will see you travel with our experienced local guides by vintage tractors and trailers on a comfortable 4-hour adventure discovering the wonders of the local coastline and heading out to the largest mainland gannet colony in the world! There’ll be lots of Wow! moments and some great pic’s to be taken. You won’t want to miss our exclusively ‘Kiwi’ adventure while you are in Hawke’s Bay.

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Bookings are essential.

We only run one tour per day, and as our tours are extremely popular our trailers can fill up – make sure you book early to avoid being disappointed!